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Amidst all the craziness that end of term is snowballing into, this picture that Pong randomly sent me today makes me feel so happy and warm inside. Imma proud recipient of perfect attendance audience award for Guitarissimo’s concerts since 2011.


WOOHOO! IP RP down – close to 5,000 words written, could you believe it? At least to me, it’s my longest individual submission ever. Hey, cut me some slack, I’m only an average law student.

Stuff coming up in what’s left of the semester (WOOTWOOT!):
Week 10: Trade midterm + IP presentation
Week 11: EAL presentation
Week 12: Prep for Investment presentation
Week 13: Investment presentation
Week 14: EAL RP
Week 15: Study break
Week 16: EXAMS

So fast! To think I was doing a similar list less than five weeks ago – I love love love crossing things out.


Recess week is coming to an end; fleeted by way too fast. Spent the whole week just trying to meet all the deadlines. On the bright side, five more weeks to end of the term (not counting the exams in).

Why do we spend so much time on something that makes us all so miserable inside?

‘She was the girl with the broader shoulders
But she would die before I crawled over them
She is taller than I am
She knew I wouldn’t mind the view there
Or the altitude with a mouth full of air
She let me down the doubt came out until the now became later’

Gotta be a warrior to carry on with the rest of the term. Feels like my recent entries have been centred around school (and just whining). Bleh.



22 on Wednesday last week – exactly a week ago, expecting nothing from anybody except maybe from Pong and family; I had evi presentation anyways. First October has always coincided with either exams or mid-terms or whatever that I had learnt to expect nothing when this time of the year rolls around. In this day and age, who really bothers remembering your birthday, unless Facebook notifies you, isn’t it?

Our generation – we grow up in an age when networking is made so easy, and sometimes it’s so hard to discern what is genuine or otherwise. This is exactly the reason why I had shied away from social media like Facebook and Instagram since the start of this year.

Being friended is not the same as having friends. And this year, in my recluse, I was expecting close to nothing on Wednesday last week but had pretty pleasant surprises when Wednesday rolled around last week. It’s a pleasant feeling to be surrounded by a handful of real-life well-wishers (sincere or otherwise) this year. Pong, with two cakes (one including my favourite carrot cake) and a flower, followed by nice drinks and bar bites at CHIJMES’s Here & There; family, waiting up with my ‘surprise’ cake until the nerd me got home from after a long day at school; Pong’s friend with the brownie; law school kids with cake; Sam with her rather ‘unique’ birthday card; and evi group mates’ yummy carrot cake and all. And my constant two – Klam and Nana – celebrated two days after as well.

Plus, we did well for evi presentation that day; what more could I ask for? :)

Photo 8-10-14 12 47 37 am

Happy birthday me!



In an attempt to feel slightly chirpier and not look like crap when going to school, whipped out my yellow clothing out of wardrobe today. IMG_5573.JPG Not that it feels any better. Recess week faster come already. I’m so sick of reading over and over again about expert witness opinions and hearsay and crap. Gosh, almost half the sem down. Can’t wait for HK in December. And after my presentation on Wednesday, I need to get back my fitness on track; I’ve been binge-eating and not exercising at all. And losing all my gains. I need help. Five more days until Wednesday. Just faster come already.


F1 Weekend – but I’m in school

While I’m typing this post – I have three other parallel screens that have multiple WTO documents open heh. I’m tearing my hair over my group report on TRIPS (due in less than 16 hours’ time). Well, we’re more or less done – spent the past four hours editing it in school and got home around 12am. Taking a break now to update my semi-dead blog ‘cos I had been MIA for a week after uploading Pong’s video on my last post – holy! I warned you, didn’t I? That I may be disappearing.

Well, the past week has spiralled off so quickly and my doomsday week 7 is approaching – hence my absence. Last week was week 5: Monday was Pong’s concert; Tuesday was filled with tuition; Wednesday with meetings; Thursday and Friday with studying and working out; then, weekends with F1 (yay!) and foregoing F1 finals tickets to study instead, thanks schoolwork.

And, just like that week 6 is here and a similar pattern awaits. Anyhow, I should be more regular with updates after second third week of October (which is in a month’s time).

Signing off with a collection of photos from F1 studying weekend – iPhone and unedited.

Photo 22-9-14 1 11 03 am

Snapshots from F1 (on Saturday) with Papa

Photo 22-9-14 1 13 50 am

Tickets? (Checked!) Going? (NO!)


The Birthday Project

Had an early birthday celebration for Pong’s birthday at Flock café yesterday; came home feeling so loved, and then started prepping for his birthday present (due in three days’ time) – the plan was to make a video for him using sketches. So I started researching a little bit into iMovie, Draw My Life videos and what not and heh, landed upon a gem, teaching how to use Mac’s basic apps to make a cool green-screen movie intro. And bingo! It gave me an idea for a really cool basic animated lyrics video.

Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 3.45.56 am

Funny how my brain always works under pressure when very close to deadlines – like now – getting Pong his present just three days before his actual birthday, heh. This is gonna be my weekend project – besides studying and giving five classes of tuition of course.

Will upload this by 15 Sept (Monday)! Stay tuned!


Grad in Monochrome

Heh. Finished a task that I thought I was gonna take weeks to complete. Managed to edit all of sis’s grad outdoor photos while watching Apple’s live stream of September event. A few of my picks in monochrome: DSC_7967 DSC_8017DSC_8064 DSC_7993 DSC_8096DSC_8028 DSC_7887

Photos’ location(s): Punggol Waterway – specifically Punggol Lalang Field and Lorong Halus Wetland (only the last photo of myself was at Lorong Halus Wetland; the rest were at Punggol Lalang Field)

And not sure whether we were at the correct Lalang field of Punggol Waterway as described by many of the bloggers. Certainly, we were at the field next to the Sunrise bridge – just like what most blogs describe but the vegetation and the lalang in what would more accurately be described as a ‘bushy marsh’ was so dense and overgrown that it required some sort of rudimentary trekking skills and resistance to getting scratched while climbing up. But it was fun nonetheless.

And that wraps up what I did last weekend – helping sis take some outdoor shots for her grad.


Sissy’s grad photoshoot (and hiding in my own burrow)

Did graduation photoshoot for sissy today. These days, the only thing that brings immense joy to me is taking photos, sorting, editing, and uploading them. Learning how to do the “washed-out” film effect now – Mom and Pong are not fans of it though. Hmph.

Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 7.20.32 pm

Here’s a preview from today; one of my favourite shots!

Probably gonna take the next few weeks to edit. Can’t wait for the final products – probably gonna have two sets of photos – film & non-film (?) Tell me what you guys think – washed out or non-washed out?

The coming month looks ominous but I’m on it!

Week 4: Evidence quiz
Week 6: Trade report
Week 7: Evidence presentation + evidence midterms
Week 8: Crazy assignments rush
Week 9: IP presentation (postponed to Week 10) + IP RP

Signing off from my burrow door now! Hopefully, I’ll get to blog in the midst of my craziness. Ha.